SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is the most cost-effective method of generating sustainable traffic to your website. Unlike pay per click (PPC), where you need to pay to receive clicks and visitors to your website, organic SEO is completely free and lasts for the long-term. At One Big Idea, we take a multi approach to providing great organic SEO.

Keyword research
Keyword research and selection lie at the very core of any search engine optimisation strategy. You need to select the right words and then be committed to them and build on their success.
Website Content
Your website needs to be rich in valuable and useful content that connects to your target market. It should establish your website as a credible resource within its industry and cater to your customers needs and questions.
Social Sharing
Social media is fast becoming an important component in SEO. It plays a significant role in directing traffic to your site and it is important to ensure that your site has something ‘shareable’.
Target Pages
While your home page is the most important page on your site, target pages are vital in attracting potential customers. They should contain keywords, appropriate content, be unique and be more than just self promotion.

Great SEO is about more than finding yourself on page 1, it’s about creating ongoing customer engagement.

here’s how we can help…

Initial Set Up (Basic Package)

Prices start from a one Time Cost of $150

Our Basic SEO Package is the first step in a vast world of SEO

This cost covers an initial consultation to discuss your online marketing strategy and desired outcomes from SEO.

This Basic setup package covers 1-3 pages, with 1 key word or phrase per page and includes:

– Google Analytics Integration

– Image Audit and Optimisation

– Comprehensive back end web-audit to eliminate negative SEO factors

– Title and Meta Description Audit and Optimisation


While Basic SEO Setup is an essential part of your website appearing higher in search engine rankings, continuous maintenance and adapting to search engine algorithm updates is the key to long-term success.

Maintenance and Reporting

Subscriptions start at $145/month

The key to success in Google rankings is keeping your website fresh and adapting content and coding to the changes of the Google search engine updates.

Our Maintenance & Reporting package offers:

– Adapting content and coding to search engine updates

– Continuous maintenance of keyword rankings

– 1 free content change request per month

– Unlimited consultation time with our SEO Specialist

– Monthly keyword ranking and Google Analytics reports

This package works on a monthly basis, you will be able to choose how many months you would like to have access to our services. Through those months, you will have unlimited access to our SEO specialist for advice and re-coding.

Why People Choose Us

We specialise in quality premium WordPress websites for small business, individuals, churches and not for profits. Not only do we deliver great looking, functional websites that don’t cost the earth, but we do it with a smile and on time. Search Engine Optimisation can change the dynamic of any website, and through SEO, our hope is that we can help you achieve your dreams for your business.


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